Should I be worried about the hardwood floor installation?

9 years ago

We're having new wood floors put in on top of the current concrete slab in the house we recently purchased. It'll be oak, stained to match the wood floors already on the second floor. Our flooring guy was supposed to have the wood at the house on Saturday, but something happened and he couldn't get the wood until this morning. I know wood planks are supposed to cure to acclimate to the moisture levels where they will be installed.

Our current schedule has us moving in on Friday. Between now (Monday) and Friday, the floors need to cure, be installed, stained, and coated with Bona Traffic. Installtion of the floors starts Wednesday. The subfloor is already down. Given that we got other estimates from other flooring companies telling us that the wood would have to cure for 5-7 days, should I be worried that the installer that we selected is doing a shoddy job? Should I insist that the floors aren't installed for another few days? Is it enough to have a moisture reading done?

It would be a pain to move in later than Friday but possible. I just want the job done the right way. Am I being overly anxious about this?

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