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Best bet for low priced furniture?

16 years ago

I've read many pages on this website, and I've seen lots of information for purchasing quality mid to high-end furniture. But my problem is I'm searching for a sofa and don't have $2000+ to spend. I've recently graduated college and am living in a rental home and would like to find a decent inexpensive sofa. I know that what I purchase won't last forever, I'm not expecting it to... but 5+ years would be nice. So, what is my best bet in the ~$1000 price range?

Here are a few that I like. My favorite is the one from Rooms to Go, but I've read various reviews that state their furniture starts falling apart in just months, so I'm afraid to purchase from them.

My husband is 6'4" so he'd like a sofa with a deep seat.

Rooms to Go $700


Storehouse $1200 (more than I want to spend but I think I can manage this price)


Rowe, A local store had one similar to this for $900, I'm not sure it's the exact model, but it was similar {{gwi:1527286}}

Any ideas for brands to look for or avoid? All of my furniture to date has been hand me down, so I'm completely lost in this process. I live in Knoxville, TN so driving to NC isn't out of the question. But I doubt I could justify the traveling expenses for a single low end piece of furniture.

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