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Older Wood Floors not level, Fixable?

17 years ago

I came over from Buying and Selling. I am looking for a house in an area where there is no new construction and houses range from the 10s to the 1960s. A house from the 40s is not considered old

I have just been to my fourth house with slanted floors (where they dip or climb slightly so that they are not level and a marble would roll). Note I have seen many other houses that do not have this problem but of course those are unappealing for unrelated reasons

In one case it was only in a bedroom addition, last month it was in a farm ranch that had the main beam replaced 20 years ago. I almost bid on that one and it was only the slant that stopped me. Mostly noticeable upstairs. It makes me dizzy and really bothers me. Today I brought a friend with me who has the same problem and she agreed. We both felt it each time. The friend and I are both subject to motion sickness so this must be somehow related (DH who never gets sick thinks I am insane that this bothers me) The house was one I absolutely loved and is otherwise totally my style of house. It has wood floors that are original, house was built in the 40s. The main beam is made out of steel and does look like the house settled a bit as do some of subfloors for teh first floor visible in the basement. So this is a structural problem. In the house I saw last month the structural problem had been fixed, just the cosmetic slant had not.

In a the case of a purely cosmetic effect, how can this be fixed, is it expensive? Also is the problem in the floor or in the ceiling or walls? The house is expensive so anything under a 30k repair would be acceptable

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