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Wood burning stove: Starting fron scratch

15 years ago

Hello everyone, I'm new to this section and I need some help. I've never had a fire place or a wood stove and I've always wanted one. I have a family room that's about 12x14 and I want to install a wood burning stove. It get's chilly in that room because it has a slab floor and it's also a 1 story addition. Where do I start? I do know that because it's a small room that I want a wood stove over a fire place. Other then that I'm a little lost. Can anyone here give me some advice as to what steps I should do 1st to things I should factor in, plus give some mistakes you made when you did it so I don't make the same mistakes.

*I'd like to be able to look at the fire.

*I'd like to be able to feel secure that when I go to sleep it will be safe (of course)

*I'd like to be able to burn at both low temp and high temps.

*I really didn't want to spend a fortune on it.

*I'm pretty handy so I'd like to do it myself but I'm not opposed to letting a contractor do it either.

*Do I need a brick or tile base and brick or tiled walls?

Thanks and I hope I hear from some of you seasoned pro's for help. If not, Merry Christmas anyway. :-)

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