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Will 2 different wood/finishes look okay?

14 years ago

I have an entryway, approximately 140 square feet, that is engineered handscrapped hickory. It was installed after move out by the previous owner.

I will be re-doing the floor in my kitchen and family room (possibly living/dining too) and will more than likely will be putting in wood. It's not likely that I'll be able to match the existing floor. The brand is still made, but the color and finish will likely be different after 2 years. To be perfectly honest, I don't know if I can afford the same product. So, if I put in something else, will it look ok? Is there a good coordinating floor to handscrapped hickory with a lot of "chatter"? Should I go for a smooth finish, to make a distinct difference? I want the end result to have a flow, not an abrupt transition.

Should I just bite the bullet and replace it all? I really hate to waste a perfectly good floor.

I really need some advice. I've spoken to flooring guys, but you know how it is, they want to sell me that extra 140 sq ft.



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