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wood-burning FP stove insert into a bad chimney

16 years ago

I have a quote for $3800 to re-line our chimney to use the fireplace. This crazy quote has me leaning towards a wood-burning stove fireplace insert - hoping I can avoid the chimney repair.

It seems most inserts use a 6" diameter pipe. is this true? Should I have a larger one? I hear flex tube will burn and need replacement after a couple years which is NOT acceptable. Please help. I want a semi-permanent solution but do not want to break the bank.

I hope to heat my entire 2 story 2300 sq foot home and will get a blower which I also would like to hook into my existing duct-work (if possible).

We now have a heat pump in this old house (that we just bought) and I fear my heating costs will be atrocious unless I get creative and use good old wood. I considered the outdoor furnace, but we want the enjoyment of the fire indoors - my wife wants a glass door on the stove.

What about moisture? I hear that it will be dry and would like a way to add moisture back into the air - something more advanced than a pot of water on top of the stove.

Thank you for you help and assistance. This is a great forum.

- Stowy

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