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Mohawk Santa Barbara - Disappointed in Durability

12 years ago

We replaced carpet in our family room and living room with Mohawk Santa Barbara Engineered Wood (Natural Walnut) in December. Although the overall look is beautiful, we have been very disappointed in the durability, and I wanted to share our experience for the benefit of others who might be considering this flooring.

I did research our flooring options before choosing the Santa Barbara. Because we have two dogs (Shetland Sheepdog and Golden Retriever) who spend much of their time inside, I had decided that a wood-look plank vinyl or ceramic tile would be our best option. I went to a small, independent flooring store because I felt that the staff might be more knowledgeable than Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

When I told the owner about my dogs and that I wanted a durable wood-look floor, he was adamant that I did not want vinyl or ceramic. He showed me the Santa Barbara and said that he had it in his own house and had experienced no problems with his Labrador Retriever scratching it. He also pointed out that he had Santa Barbara installed in his showroom which showed no foot traffic, scratches, etc. Based on his recommendation, we decided on the Santa Barbara.

After the flooring was installed, I let my dogs inside. They were not jumping or running, just walking normally. Within 15 minutes, I started seeing deep grooves and scratches. Some of the scratches went all the way through the stain into the white part of the wood. Although the dogs' nails did not feel rough or sharp, we took them straight to a groomer to have them trimmed and filed very smooth and rounded. This has made no difference, and the scratches have continued to occur. In addition, we have noticed several dings and dents. One occurred as we watched, when our Golden Retriever dropped his rawhide bone on the floor. The higher traffic areas (like next to the sliding door into the backyard) are now covered with scratches and grooves. This is not a 'patina' and looks terrible.

We contacted the flooring store owner shortly after installation to discuss our options. He finally brought a Mohawk representative to the house to inspect the floor. When he (store owner) saw my dogs outside, he said, "Well your dogs are the problem." I reminded him that he knew about our dogs but recommended the Santa Barbara over a vinyl or ceramic flooring. He justified it by saying that he has a 'very mellow' Labrador Retriever. The Mohawk rep didn't say much - just agreed that the scratches were more numerous and deeper than what we should have expected. They took a couple of leftover planks and said they would send them to Mohawk to determine whether they were defective. That was approx. 10 weeks ago, but we have not heard anything.

In hindsight, I should have gone with my gut instinct about any type of wood or laminate flooring. But I thought I could trust the flooring store owner's expertise and experience. I do not expect that Mohawk will find our planks to be defective, so we will have to work out an acceptable solution with the store owner. I do not look forward to having this floor ripped out and replaced, but that may be our only option. Other than the durability, we love the floor. It is beautiful. But to have spent $4500 on a floor that scratches and dents so easily is very disappointing.

This floor might be a great option if you have small pets or none at all, but I would not recommend it otherwise.

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