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HELP! King Bed Headboard (do I need the footboard)?

12 years ago

I purchased a King mattress and love it; however, the nightstands are too low (which is no surprise) and I need a king headboard. I don't know if I want a foot-board. Our previous bed only had a headboard due to size constraints in our very old home home many years ago.

I really would like a poster bed, maybe rice carved, pencil post...maybe a low post, and am wondering would it work if I just bought the headboard? I know Henkel Harris and others will sell only a headboard, but my concern is will it look unfinished or unbalanced? Anyone have a poster headboard that you can post? Our queen had a broken pediment headboard only and was acceptable (to me)! The posters have me doubting myself and thinking it will only look good (and finished) with the footboard. Appreciate all comments! Thanks.

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