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painting stairway

16 years ago

We have ripped the ugly blue carpet off our staircase, which is 100 years old. The risers and treads are in decent condition. Originally they were stained at the edges and had a runner up the middle.

I would rather have just plain painted or stained stairs because I am tired of hauling the vacuum cleaner up and down the staircase to clean the carpet, but my husband thinks painted stairs will be slippery and dangerous. I noticed that most advice on stair painting says to use glossy paint because it wears better. Will it be slippery to walk down? If I decide to stain them dark and use polyurethane will it be slippery? My husband is very concerned about this and I want to be sure I can put his fears to rest, or I will end up with a runner and have to vacuum the stairs forever!


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