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how to learn about inherited wood burning stove

16 years ago

We have purchased a house with an existing wood burning stove, and as we have no experience with them, we have some very basic questions. We tried to light a fire in it thinking we had it all figured out, and the fire won't stay lit and whenever we open the door, smoke comes in the room. All I can tell about it is that it is an XTEC (says it on the door) - and what we thought was the flue (a handle on the top middle, above the door) is fully extended, which we thought meant open, and won't budge to either go in or come further out. What are we doing wrong?

The stove also has a blower, not sure if that matters, but turning it on does nothing to help the situation.

I know this is really simple and perhaps idiotic to ask, but how do i find out more about how to operate this thing? Obviously we are not doing it right. . .



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