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Porcelain tiles that look like wood

12 years ago

Does anyone have any experience and/or photos of the porcelain or ceramic tile that looks like wood in their kitchen? Wanted to install hardwood in kitchen but DH is dead set against it and I do understand why but the room is adjacent to the dining room and I think it may be silly to install a wood look floor right next to the real thing . . . we have a very neutral 12x12 ceramic floor now but due to a change in layout, we need more tiles which have since been discontinued and PO left us with 1 tile, not enough.

Was browsing all day yesterday at any store that sells flooring in the neighborhood. Saw Florida Tile in two places that I really liked, also saw Daltile which was okay and a 3rd wood look tile that I didn't like at all and was chipped in the showroom.

On the other hand, if we decided not to go with a wood look, I really don't know what to put down. Seems silly to tear up a perfectly good floor only to put down something so similar.

Was also toying with adding an electric radiant heat pad but are definitely adding a toe kick heater tied into our gas hot water system.

Home is 1940s cape cod cottage with original hardwood floors. Putting in dove white maple wood cabs with white appliances and either a gold color granite such as New Venetian Gold or Giallo something or a dark green granite, Pavao or Green Butterfly. Kitchen is very tiny, 110x101, and high traffic as that's where the sliding door to the backyard is. We have a 125 lb dog and several pussycats with claws.

TIA for any comments or suggestions.

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