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I need a chimney expert, blocked off fireplaces...

10 years ago

First of all, hello! My name's Alex and this is my first post on this site.

I'm considering purchasing a 1797 Federal Colonial in Massachusetts, and among many other things, I have questions about the chimneys and fireplaces. The first floor has two big grand fireplaces, with bays about 4 ft wide, and the second floor has some smaller ones. EVERY fireplace in the house has been covered over with plaster and I believe brick, and had a stovepipe put through the opening. The chimneys in the house are all small, maybe 20 inches square where I can first see them in the attic, and the same where I can see them again down in the basement. Each chimney is surrounded by closets (which are extremely unusual in colonials I've heard?). I have a suspicion that based on all this, the house's original chimneys were much wider, and were replaced with skinnier ones at some point, and that the actual fireplace bays may no longer exist. All this is based on my guesses though, I can't see into any of them, but could a 20 inch chimney somehow support a 3-4 ft wide fireplace bay? I don't think so... but....

Who knows about this stuff? Any info at all would be appreciated! Thanks, Alex.

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