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Fireplace TV Mount - but that's not how I used it!

9 years ago

I love things that are multi-purpose. I just feel like I am getting more value out of things that have more than one use. Currently, I am remodeling my game room. The room was formerly a sun-room and has plenty of windows and doors but only one usable wall. I plan to install cabinets, bar/prep sink, wine refrigerator, under cabinet ice-maker, and 42" TV (above the sink) - all on this one wall. To make things even more fun, I want to be able to use the TV for 3 things: TV, gaming, and as a computer monitor. My cabinet maker is designing a sink cabinet with a keyboard drawer. My challenge was to find a TV mount that would allow the TV to drop down and over the prep faucet for when I use the TV as a computer/gaming monitor.

As I started searching, I quickly realized that there are plenty of mounts that extend and/or pivot (left to right) and/or tilt but I was having trouble finding a mount for a large TV that could raise and lower. I looked at hundreds of mounts before narrowing my choices to 2: DynamicMounting's Down and Out Mount and Ergotron's Mounting Arm for Flat Panel Displays. The Down and Out appeared to be the best fit and was my first choice. However, even after applying their rebate, the Down and Out was more expensive. So, after reviewing both choices with the "Boss," WE ordered the Ergotron.

The Ergotron is an impressive mount and is very capable of handling the heaviest TVs. It was the more maneuverable of the two having a FULL range of movement - swing and swivel both up/down and right/left with tilting available from all positions. The only thing it does not do (and neither does the Down and Out) is rotate! I only had two problems with this mount. First, it is designed for very heavy televisions. It will have no problem handling the heaviest plasma TVs. However, I have a very light LED TV and was not able to reduce the mount's tension adjustments enough to accommodate my television (ymmv). My TV was not heavy enough to allow the mount to stay in the lowered position. Second, when pushed as close to the wall as possible the mount is not centered with the TV . This was the deal breaker for me because, due to wall cabinet and ceiling light placements, I need the television to be close to the wall when elevated AND I do not have room to move left or right while lowering the TV. I was able to return the Ergotron but it cost me $100 in shipping and restocking fees.

After some more Internet searching and not finding another alternative, I ordered the Down and Out mount. I just could not find another mount that would work how I needed. I just wish that I hadn't eaten up all of my rebate money returning the first mount. The Down and Out was designed for mounting a TV above a fireplace. In the raised position the TV is close to the wall. When lowering, the TV first pulls out and away from the wall before swinging down with enough room to clear a reasonably sized mantle/shelf. I ordered the non-pivoting model but they do have a mount that swivels left and right but costs more. For both models, tilting is only available when the mount is in the fully elevated position. The Down and Out mount is sturdy enough to handle large plasma TVs but it is adjustable enough to accommodate my lightweight 42" LED TV. Additionally, the Down and Out mount was easier to install because it weighed considerably less than the Ergotron.

My cabinets are still under construction, so I do not have any pictures yet. I promise to add them later. However, after mounting the television and trying it out with an approximately sized table, I believe that this mount will work perfectly for my application.

Oh, and in case you are wondering...
Yes, this mount should work terrific for mounting a TV above a fireplace. Although, I had to read the specifications a few times to understand how the clearances were being described. The chart is accurate.

Hmmm, I wonder how a fireplace would look below my TV in the Den?

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