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Transitions between different types of floors

15 years ago

We are replacing a front hall floor (40year-old vinyl tile) with sheet vinyl that looks like slate. We didn't want to use real slate for several reasons. The sheet vinyl will meet the living room's hardwood, where there is already a wood strip; the kitchen's new DuraCeramic vinyl tiles where there is no transition yet, and where there was never a transition strip to the old vinyl kitchen floor; the basement stairs, where there is a metal transition strip; and a step toward the back of the house, where there is also a metal transition strip.

We think the old metal transition strips are truly tacky, and would like just to butt the sheet vinyl against the DuraCeramic; however, the floor salesman says we must have a transition strip of metal, marble, or wood. We're not enthusiastic about adding another material to that joint, which leads us back to a metal strip.

What options are available in transitions? Are there any that look more attractive than the old ones? Do you have any suggestions for something else to use on the edges of the steps? Surely there is something new to consider. Thank you for leading us to it!

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