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Please help: dark stain for solid quartersawn white oak?

12 years ago

Our beautiful new quartersawn white oak floors were just installed, and are due to be sanded tomorrow; stained the next. I've looked at different Minwax stain colors (provincial, early american and gunstock) and our GC has applied them to a plank with a single coat, followed a single coat of poly to give me an idea. To me, they look pretty light --- and the color does not seem as saturated/deep as my existing, preengineered Bruce hardwood "gunstock".

So please tell me, how can I achieve a darker, medium dark stain? Don't want to go super dark, like an ebony, but darker than gunstock. I read in a wood forum that maybe a dye should be used? Will flooring contractor know what to do with a dye versus a stain? He's going to follow the stain with 4 coats of Poly because of our dog (Bella).

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