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Bon Eon 70 vs Bona Traffic?

16 years ago

We just had our oak hardwood floors refinished (I believe they were original with the house built in 1940) along with some new matching hardwood added to areas previously carpeted/tiled. The floors were finished with:

1) 1 coat Parks Pro Finisher Water-Based Sanding Sealer

2) 1 coat Bona Eon 70 Gloss

3) 1 coat Bona Eon 70 Satin

We wanted to keep things as low-VOC as possible, hence the Bona Eon 70. The Parks Pro Finisher was a point of contention because we requested Bona sealer and found this Parks stuff (from Home Depot?) was being used. After some discussion, the installer/refinisher promised to use Bona for the rest of the project. I confirmed that Bona Eon 70 was being used for the remaining coats.

The floors look pretty good in general, but when I went over to check them out this weekend, they didn't feel as "finished" as I had hoped. They felt a little "rough" as I walked over them- as if the finishing products hadn't created a significant layer of protection over the wood. This is the case for the refinished as well as the new areas. Kind of hard to explain.

I don't want the floors to look unnaturally glossy. I just want a smooth, "slightly waxy like a nice piece of furniture" finish.

What to do at this point? I talked it over with the refinisher and he agreed that the results were less than stellar. He said the Eon 70 just didn't cover very well, that he'd never used Eon 70 before, and that Traffic has worked very well for him in the past. He suggested that another coat of Bona Traffic would help get me the result I'm looking for.

Do you think Traffic would be an improvement over Eon 70? Or is the problem possibly somewhere upstream in the process in which case another coat wouldn't do much to help?

I could post pictures, but I don't think they'd help. The floors look either shiny or dull in the pictures depending only on whether there was a light source (like a window) in the picture- and my issue isn't really with the gloss level- rather the smoothness and overall feel of the finish.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...

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