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Is RF heating the answer to my cold room?

15 years ago

My family room (about 25X18) is on a concrete slab and has a vaulted ceiling. There are 16 small windows behind the couch and a natural fireplace in the room. Currently, it is carpeted. The house is 20 years old and the windows are new. We live in Michigan and every since I have lived in the house, I avoid the room for much of winter because it is so, so darn cold in there. What can we do to make it warmer?

Changing the fireplace is not really an option. My DH loves natural and hates gas fireplaces. Neighbor has a wood burning insert that produces tons of heat but I don't see myself loading that thing up every day. Windows are new so they are not an issue.

How about radient floor heating? The carpet could stand to be replaced. Is it practical to install this under carpeting and will the warmth it gives off make a difference in this room? We have Brazilian Cherry hardwood in the adjoining room (kitchen and eating area) -- would take it into the family room but I hear that is not possible with "real" hardwood. Willing to entertain putting engineered HW in there if necessary but really hate to have that butting up to my BC hardwood in the next room. Tile is not an option (too hard and you only put that in kitchens and baths in Michigan).

Can anyone think of anything? Is the RFH a practical idea?

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