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Hardwood Gaps Between Boards (w/pics) -- Acceptable?

9 years ago

We recently had about 2,000 sq.ft. of hardwood flooring installed in our new construction home. The flooring is "Cocoa Birch" from lumber liquidators. I know Birch is a fairly soft wood, and I expect and am OK with some dents and scratches. What I did not expect were significant gaps between floorboards. Some examples are pictured below (there are at least a dozen others) (please ignore the dog hair!)

My question for this group is: If these floors were installed in your house, what would you do? Is this an installation issue? A manufacturing issue? Is this the type of thing that a consumer should be able to insist be ripped up and re-done (some of these boards are in the middle of a room -- I can't imagine it will be as simple as replacing a few dozen boards)? Or should I as the homeowner just spend the time trying to fill and stain (and hope that it turns out looking OK)?

This is the one aspect of the house that has been disappointing. Your thoughts and advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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