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Pellet Stove insert and freestanding stoves

18 years ago

The house we bought has a wood burning fireplace which causes me to cough uncontrollably when a fire is lit. So we've only lit 2 fires (in 5 years). My husband grew up with fireplace in his house so he did check that flue was open. I toyed with the idea of having a mason come fix the problem, but then I saw this forum.

I am considering the Harmon Accentra insert, but have questions. Can the insert be installed in the existing fireplace opening? Will it produce a lot of smoke? The first (open floor plan) and second floors of my house is approx 1200 sq.ft. each, will it heat both floors? My house is entirely electric, with oil heating. In NY, those bills are astronomical!

I am also interested in a freestanding stove for my sunroom. This room is 350 sf, very drafty and not heated by any other source. Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated.

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