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Chateau D'Ax Sofa- Low End/No Knowledge?

15 years ago

I've been reading this forum for a while. The only opinion about Chateau D'Ax sofas on here compares them to Natuzzi.

That was not encouraging.

I don't know if anyone reads this forum if they are NOT looking for an answer to a furniture question? So, maybe, the contented people have no desire to answer my question above?

Is it salepeople that frequent this forum to "advertise" their wares? I always wondered.

But, if you happen to be on this forum, and you DO know anything about Chateau D'Ax and are willing to tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly, I'd appreciate it.

It seems after being on here for a while, and looking at many different sofas, my husband and I have found a Chateau D'Ax we liked at Macy's Home store.

Any comments one way or another? Thanks.

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