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Lee Industries Sofa--Better deal using this Forum info

17 years ago

Wanted to share that I've used alot of the great info in this forum to recently purchase a Lee Industries sofa and loveseat. I, as others in the forum, purchased from Alan Ferguson in High Pt, NC. The price was better than I could get locally--$1,000 cheaper.

I used the Forum to narrow down the better mid-range furniture makers (better value).

I then needed to search in the brands to find a deeper sofa so my tall husband's shoulders would fit when he layed down. I needed specs! That's where the link (below) comes in handy. I don't know if it's been posted b/f, but a dealer gave it to me--it provides access to the whole Lee Industries catalog with all dimension info, etc. I love details. I think it's a blind URL as it isn't off their public website. It's much richer than their website.

I could then measure to see what sofas would fit in our family room.

I fabric "swatch shopped" at Crate & Barrel and another local shop. (C&B has a lot of the Lee materials and does actually give you quotes on Lee that they don't sell in their catalogs--but they were tre expensive--the highest quotes I got actually).

Swatches were sent to me. I have a whole bunch.

I got quotes locally (which were less than C&B), I tried to negotiate and give the biz locally (NJ) if they could match the price but then went with Alan Furgeson. Delivery is in the $175-200 range for a sofa and love seat but I didn't have to pay sales tax which I would have had to pay locally.

The whole process took a long time on my end b/c furniture shopping with young kids isn't my cup of tea...but that's why I love the online aspects to help things along. I could then target my time (when kidless) to shop and move closer to a decision.

Only draw back is that I didn't actually sit on the sofa I ordered. I got a lot of info from the local dealers and I sat on some other Lee sofas--so that--and based on what I found in the Forum helped me make the leap and just order it. Goodbye old plaid, worn couch.

I'll let you know how everything arrives...! Fingers-crossed...

Here is a link that might be useful: Lee Industries Catalog

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