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Armstrong Luxe Vinyl Planks - any information?

13 years ago


I found this thread and wanted more information from anyone who's installed this product. There isn't a whole lot of reviews or info on this on the web except for the manufacturer's website.

I am thinking of purchasing this floating LVT for my 800 sq foot apartment.

My questions are:

1) how does it feel underfoot - does it feel realistic, or fake? like other vinyl sheet flooring? is it warm/springy or is it flat and cold?

2) how realistic does it look compared to other laminate and hardwood? i went to Home Depot this weekend to look at their Allure Trafficmaster vinyl planks and took a few samples home. I was disappointed by their look and texture. It looks really fake and unimpressive to me.

3) where can i find samples of this? i live in manhattan, nyc and it's really hard to find a retailer or showroom that carries this line.

4) anyone know or have seen the difference between their best line and their lower line?

5)is this product more scratch resistant than laminate? i have two cats in the apartment that run around chasing each other. i originally decided on LVT because of its water resistant and durable properties.

6) $$$ - if any of you can offer guidance on the pricing (i've seen it on fastfloors for 4.99/sq ft for the best collection). did you find any deals?

6) if any of you have pics, can you please post them so we can see? you would be doing the online community a big favor since there's little to no information on this from actual customers!

thanks so much for your help!

- nyc homeowner

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