Oil-based Poly ... How many coats?

12 years ago

How many coats of Oil-based poly is recommended for high traffic areas? Would you do less coats if it was "High-Build" poly?

I am refinishing the oak hardwood floors in the main living area of the house. It is high traffic. I am using Minwax "High-Build" Polyurethane. The first coat was already done in "Gloss". I was thinking of doing two more coats of "Satin" for a total of 3 coats.

The Minwax instructions recommends doing only 2 coats, I guess, since it is "High-Build" variety. Then it continues saying that if 3 coats is desired then wait 3 to 4 days before doing it.

We have time on our side ... we are not living there yet and we don't have move in/out restrictions. What would you do if you had time to get the "best" (i.e. longest lasting) floor possible?

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