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Redirecting heat from a ventless gas fireplace?

14 years ago

We recently installed a Fire Ribbon ventfree gas fireplace insert . We also have our TV mounted on the wall above our fireplace, but we have huge concerns about the heat coming up from the fireplace. The TV is very hot to the touch.

We are exploring options to redirect the heat so that it doesn't roll up the wall directly to the TV (we don't have a mantel to disrupt the hot air flow).

I don't think we can add a fan to the fireplace insert itself as we don't have any electric running to the fireplace and we don't have access to get behind the fireplace wall as it's stone veneer from floor to ceiling.

And, we'd like to try to avoid having to add any sort of a mantel to the wall, if at all possible. Is there some sort of a fan that could be placed behind the TV to push the hot air back down into the room?

Or maybe there are other options that we haven't thought of? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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