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What are the causes of cupping on engineered wood?

15 years ago

When they installed our floor, they did not acclimate it. I had asked when I ordered it and they said it wasn't necessary with engineered. The installers seemed to be very experience and it looked great when they left. There was one transition piece missing and the guy came back Saturday to put it in.

Before he got here, I ran the dustmop around the room and thought one edge looked funny. It is on a corner on the side they started and there are about 8 pieces with about 12" of cupping on each that starts next to a wall. I asked the man about it when he was here & he said it looked like moisture, but he didn't do any moisture testing before they started. We had tested the slab foundation in the previous year & it was fine. We have been super careful not to drop any water on the floor & there is no plumbing in the wall next to the cupping.

What can cause this if it isn't moisture & what do we do now? We had taken out all the old baseboard and replaced with all new after the floor was down. I really hate to think of ripping that out and having to repair holes in it. I've been watching it since Saturday & it hasn't gotten any better or any worse.

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