Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet

9 years ago

My wife and I are in the market to buy new carpet for our home. I have been researching it in stores and on the Internet for a couple of weeks now. I need advice/input on the carpet we are considering.

It is the Mohawk Smartstrand sold at Lowe's. The model name is called Glory although I realize that is a proprietary name exclusive to Lowe's. Here are the essential numbers on the carpet:

It is a textured cut pile.

Face weight -- 70 oz.

Density -- 3.647 (I am assuming that number means 3,647 tufts per square inch).

Twist -- 5.5

The carpet fiber (hope that is the correct term) is not exceptionally high as I have read a longer fiber, while feeling softer, will wear much quicker and mat more easily. It seems adequately dense to the touch, and when bending back the carpet sample, the backing is not readily seen although you can see it if you push the fibers around hard enough.

As mentioned, it is the Mohawk Smartstrand, which I have read up on extensively. I have read both good and bad reviews on its stain resistance and resilience properties. Any input on the Smartstrand would be very welcome. My understanding is that the stain resistance method in other carpets such as scotchgard, stainmaster, etc. are all chemicals sprayed into the fiber and will eventually wear away through cleanings, etc. Supposedly the Smartstrand does not have any chemical added, but is built into the fiber itself. Is this right?

Finally, the price for this particular carpet, including the Smartcusion pad was $5.16 per square foot. Without the padding it was around $4.00 a square foot, maybe $3.85, I don't have those exact figures in front of me.

With the information I have provided, could someone tell me with a certain degree of certainty if this would be a good carpet to buy.

As a side note, I have also read good and bad things about the big box stores such as HD and Lowe's with their installation. I know the work is farmed out, but I would think quality in that area would be determined by the area one lives in, and could not be evaluated across the board since stores in different areas will be using different installers.

Thank you very much for any advice or input.

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