Need help with fireplace built-ins design...

11 years ago

I am trying to design the built-ins and mantle for my fireplace area in great room.


This is what the plan has for dimensions. About a foot on either side of the built-ins and about a foot between the fireplace unit and the built-ins..... the built-ins can be 9 foot maximum (not including the molding on top.) The wall they are on is vaulted and much higher.

I have not been able to find any photos online of what I want.

We will have a flat screen tv above the fireplace (we know the risk... the fireplace will never be on, though.) I like the look of a double mantle or something like this:

However, I do not like open bookcases.

Has anyone seen anything similar that has completely closed off cabinets as built-ins? I am struggling to find any examples to show my cabinet maker... I don't like the idea of filling up bookcases with clutter. I'd rather have storage and hide the items within....

Any ideas? THANKS!

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