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Anyone own a Lee industries sofa?

16 years ago

I had posted before about purhasing a couch and loveseat from EA. We are supposed to give the salesperson our order on Thursday. I started getting nervous when I inquired about the cushions and the construction of the sofa. She told me that they are no longer offering the cushion that they have on ALL of the floor sample couches. They only have one chair in the store that has the new cushion on it. I sat in it and it felt very uncomfortable. It was hard. I definetly don't want a hard sofa.She said the industry specifications have changed for foam cushions due to chemicals. Is this true? I then said I would go for the feather/down/foam option. The inside looked lovely when I investigated it however she can't tell me if the back cushions will have this or the hideously hard piece of foam I sat on for backing. I am getting too many red flags to finalize this sale. To make a long story short I had investigated Circle furniture this past summer. I loved their Lee line. I just didn't want to spend the extra. I am now thinking that it may just be worth doing. Thoughts are very much appreciated. Thanks.

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