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Anybody looking out for info on Fire Doors?...Then check this out

16 years ago

Fire Doors are specially manufactured fire safety devices specifically aimed to compartmentalize fire in case of a fire outbreak. A combination of certain fire-resistant materials that go into the manufacture of fire doors, accounts for its ability to withstand high temperatures for prolonged periods.

Fire Doors have different abilities to withstand fire for a specified period. They are tested and assigned various ratings based on their ability in minutes to withstand fire. Thus there are 20, 30, 45, 60 and 90-minute-rated fire doors. However the certification and guarantee of these rated fire doors are applicable only if all parts of the fire door system are correctly specified and installed. For instance, painting over the door or fitting the wrong kind of glazing may severely reduce the doorÂs fire resistance period.

Fire Doors are meant to be kept closed at all times. However, most of them are designed to stay open under normal circumstances, and to shut automatically in case of a fire outbreak. Then there are the fire doors that are held open with an electromagnetic coil. This coil will be connected to a fire alarm system. When the power fails or when the fire alarm system is activated, the power to the coil gets disconnected and the door closes on its own. Regardless of the method used, the important thing to be kept in mind is that a doorstop or other obstacle should never impair the doorÂs movement. The fire door must be regularly examined for proper bounding.

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