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Transitioning from carpeted stairs to hardwood downstairs

12 years ago

We are installing floating, click-loc engineered hardwood flooring throughout the downstairs of our house.

The existing flooring is mostly wall-to-wall carpeting, including on the stairs. We would like to stop the flooring at the bottom of the stairs, and keep the stairs carpeted. The stairway has a full wall on each side, rather than having an open banister. I'm trying to figure out what would be a "normal" way to transition from the wood to the carpeting on the stairs, but I don't think I have seen this done in any other similar situation. The stairs are plywood (or some such manufactured subflooring) and the carpet is wall-to-wall... I'm not talking about a runner of carpeting running up wood stairs. Should I keep the bottom riser carpeted, and use some sort of moulding between the wood floor and the carpeted riser? (Our baseboards are traditional white baseboard, and the carpeting is "natural," (a very very light beige) but I feel like it would look funny to have a baseboard running across the bottom riser.) Should I replace just that bottom riser with a hardwood riser in a color similar to the engineered flooring, and then just have the carpeting run from the first tread, with it wrapped around the "bullnose" of the tread? Is there a typical way of doing this?

We prefer to keep the upstairs (with the bedrooms) carpeted for comfort, plus we'll be selling the house in a couple years, so we don't want to pay to upgrade too many things. (Otherwise, we might spring for hardwood risers and treads.)

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