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Wood Burning , Gas Insert , Pellet Stove Which is best ?

18 years ago

I have been doing research for about a month now , Here is my situation . I currently have a Country Flame heatlaitor fireplace box and have been burning wood for about 10 years now . I am getting tired of messing with the wood . Please give me your input . I am using for supplmental heat only in a 2,050 square foot house (because I have a Heat pump, wife hates it ) , Here are the Facts ?

Currently burning about 2 cords a year which cost me about $150 total if I haul it (which I do ) and about $210 a year if I have it hauled in and dumped . It does a very good job heating , but the doors get dirty very fast so you cant even see the fire , without cleaning the glass about every 2 weeks . Then I still have all the mess from the wood , plus I still have to Haul it down to the house , and then there are the snakes , I have my share of them and they love the wood pile . (copperheads ) As you can tell I seem to come up with alot of CONS for wood burning . But it seems to be the Cheapest .

Research I have done Below :

I have done alot of research on Gas and pellet inserts and have decided I like the Country Stove Gas Insert the best , but it is not Cheap . I do not have gas so I will have to install a propane tank . What do you guys Know about the Country Stoves , seem to have the heaviest duty metal .

Stove cost $2499

Installtion $250

Pipe $250

Propane Tank $695

Cost of propane per gallon in my area is $1.37 per gallon . Last summer propane was around $1.00 in my area (summer prices )

Now for the info on the pellet stove . I have decided on the Harman Accentra pellet insert . Power is not an issue because I already have a generator . Pellets are selling in my area for about $2.79 per sack . The major Cons I see with the pellet stove is that it has 3 different motors and a control board and I see that as just a matter of time before they go out . Also my wife doesnt think that the pellet insert will get as hot as the wood . Please give me feedback on short and long term problems with pellet insert .

Harman Accentra $ 2895

Installtion $ 250

Pipe $ 100

Please give me feed back , I am not in a hurry because I still have about 1/2 cord to burn , Can I get better prices waiting to this summer . I have been told Harman will have a price increase around May . ( prices of steel). Sorry to have such a long post but I wanted to get the facts out .


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