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Replacing Gas Logs

18 years ago

I have a set of vent-free, 24", 40,000 btu Martin Gas logs, about 7-8 years old and with the auxillary blower. They look very real when burning and have worked really well for heating our home in colder weather. And, we like the warmer heat vs. the heat pumps. I'm having an issue with the pilot sometimes making a "sputtering sound" and occasionaly going out, sometimes even while burning. The unit shuts off OK as designed, but I'm concerned about it. If there's a easy fix for this I might continue using the logs.

If I replace the logs, I want a set with remote controls for lighting and heat adjustments, and logs will provide ample heating for over 2100 sq. ft. Just what I need, another remote!!! I'm looking for recomendations on the potential repair and also on new logs.

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