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Cross post re:direct vent fireplace

14 years ago

I posted this on the building a home forum before I realized there was a fireplace forum! Sorry for the cross post.

We are building a house with 2 full masonry chimneys that will serve 5 fireplaces when the basement is finished. I don't want to build, look at or pay for another chimney :)

We are considering putting a very small (10 x 12) study on the front of our house and would like to have a fireplace in there as well. Heat output is not important - in fact, maybe the less the better since I don't want the room to get too hot.

This is a higher end house so I would like a few steps above builders grade, but have no idea where to start looking.

My only real want is I would like to have the option of a herringbone pattern at the back of the firebox.

Any recommendations on brands or models I should look at?


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