DVD rec's for stiffening overweight 50 yr old


I herniated a disk almost 2 years ago, hit 50 this summer and am overweight (put on 30 pnds when I quite smoking 5 years ago and never took it off).

But my biggest concern is how stiff I've been feeling. I can almost feel my back turning into a dowager's hump and I am starting to feel sort of "froze up". Also from sitting at work with a mouse I am starting to feel decidely lopsided. (The highest setting on the chair doesn't seem to keep me from leaning to one side).

So- recommendations for a DVD that concentrates on posture and limbering up, gently?



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Mary, do you have a YMCA or other gym near you? These places often have a wide variety of classes for people who need to start a slow, gentle stretching or exercising program. My YMCA has two: Forever Fit and Easy Does It. A DVD gets so very boring, the same thing over and over, and if you can make it to a class with other people, it is much more fun and motivating. In these classes you just do what you can, even if it's move your little finger! You modify what you can do, and then eventually you can do more. The classes I attend have a very wide range of abilities.

Congratulations on getting off the ciggies. Wonderful!

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Sounds like you have a sedentary lifestyle..... daily (or almost daily) walks and gentle stretching exercises will do wonders to limber you up. You'll be amazed how much better you will feel. Walking is the most natural exercise and if you walk at a brisk pace and swing your arms (i.e. not let them hang limp as you walk) you'll be moving those joints.


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Okay, don't cringe, but I use Richard Simmons' Sweatin to the Oldies in my basement. Okay, I'm still overweight and 50-ish, but it always makes me feel better to exersize. The nice thing is that his videos work for all levels of fitness. Believe me - I know! :)

I'd rather walk, but that's not always possible.

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Collage video has some that may work for you. I have linked you one

Here is a link that might be useful: Say Goodbye to Back Pain

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I have had various tapes over the years, but nothing I stuck to. I agree with trying to find a group to exercise with. I actually look forward to going and I am a major internet junkie and couch potato. I also have a recumbent exercise bike in front of the TV. It isn't good looking but I do use it if it is there. My motivation comes from being diabetic. I have no desire to lose my eyesight, my feet or my marbles.

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