Free Nutrition Articles


I represent AccessMyLibrary, a coalition of 13,000 libraries. Our goal is to bring news and publications normally available in a library to the general public. We have more than 4100 magazines online, and every one is free to read. This includes a lot of newspapers and magazines that normally require a subscription. Below are links to some specific nutrition related publications:

Environmental Nutrition

Nutrition & Dietetics: -

Nutrition Action Healthletter -

Australian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics -

NWHRC Health Center  Nutrition -

Of course, we have all the non-science magazines, like Motor Trends, Consumer Reports, etc as well. Again, no cost for access to any of them.

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It looks like the articles are just the first part, then partway through the reader is directed to their local library. But it is a way to find out what information is available, and going to the library isn't a bad thing!

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