Please Help w/ 'Drinks Before' 'Coffee & Dessert' After

12 years ago

I posted a query in Home Decorating for ideas on how to pull together easy/inexpensive fall decor for hosting a small gathering of friends before & after a HS reunion this coming weekend.Then I remembered this forum and thought this would have been the more appropriate place to ask for help.

This is a busy week, and hosting wasn't in my plans - it sort of evolved when one couple suggested meeting at our home for a drink and ride-sharing to the event. A couple other couples heard & asked if they could come, too.

I would appreciate any suggestions for how to pull off having a few things to serve before the reunion(there is a buffet dinner being served at the venue)that I can easily clear away before we leave.

After the reunion I will be returning at the same time as the guests, so there isn't much set-up time. I thought of serving coffee/tea and having a tray of bite-sized desserts and nuts.

I'm open to any ideas you can suggest in food planning and/or for serving. I have not done any fall decorating - don't want to do anything Halloween-ish - so would welcome ideas or tips for that as well.


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