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My brother from another mother and his wedding...

10 years ago

My half brother is getting married. The wedding is out of town (he met his fianc� online). He moved out there 2 years ago and has only come home twice once for our father's funeral and the second time our father's birthday about a year after he passed.
Before my father passed away, my brother and I were not really on speaking terms. He lived close and never made any effort to attend family functions I invited him to. The straw that broke the camels back was when he didn't show up to my son's christening. I saw him at Christmas two months later and we had a falling out over it. Our father died of a heart attack 3 years later. Before the funeral I texted him and asked him to come to my house and we hugged and reconciled. We talked for a really long tome. He was with his fianc�, this was the first time we met.
We've kept in touch since our Dad died, mostly just by text. A lot related to the settling of the estate since I'm the administrator.
Anyhow the wedding is coming up. My brother and sister (from same mother) and I are flying out there together and staying together. Our spouses and children are not going for various reasons. My brother(same mom) is in the wedding party. My sister and I were invited to the bridal shower but declined since we are out of town. We were a little surprised to be invited, since we live 5 states away, and almost felt as if we were invited and only expected to send a gift. We both got Facebook reminders about RSVPing and links to registries after receiving the invites in the mail.
So now I've learned that we were NOT invited to the rehearsal dinner. I know we are not in the bridal party, but isn't it proper etiquette to include out of town family? My brother(same mom) in the bridal party texted me a pic of the invite and it's being hosted by his mother. She hates me and my sister and brother and she was awful to us as children. After my father passed she attended the funeral and did not even look at me. I was reeling, a simple offer of condolences to her sons sister would've been nice but she is just not that gracious. Anyhow I'm really insulted my half-brother or his fianc� didn't have the presence of mind to invite me and my sister. We are making the trip to attend our brothers wedding, shouldn't we be included at the rehearsal dinner regardless of if we are in the bridal party? What do you all think? Should I say something to my brother the groom? Or just keep quiet as to not cause any drama?

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