resting pulse rate


I'm curious as to what other peoples' resting pulse rate is. What's considered normal?

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Hi Mona!
Mine's on the slow side, about 60, sometimes mid 50s. Years ago when I was in shape from jogging almost every day (and a lot younger), it was in the mid-40s.

I don't know exactly what normal is. I used to hear about 72 was the average.

A note about this and exercise: I found that keeping my heart rate in the lower end of my target range works best for me. I discovered this years ago while reading Covert Bailey's Fit or Fat in which he suggested that people with a fast resting rate may be more comfortable with a rate at the higher end while exercising as well and should check their breathing instead of pulse while exercising (should be deep breathing but able to speak without gasping for breath). I tested this on myself (checking my breathing instead of my pulse while exercising) and found that, indeed, when my breathing was just right, my heart rate was at the lower end (or just barely below) my "ideal" aerobic range AND, the biggest surprise of all, I had great gains almost daily in my endurance while exercising. Before that, while staying in my ideal range according to the charts, I seemed tired the next day and my progress was slower.


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