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vcr/dvd combo

16 years ago

I need help real bad. We just bought a new vcr/dvd combo. My old vcr had a spot where you could hook the antenna, but the new one don't. We do not have cable or satelite just regular tv with an antenna. Our antenna is coaxial. we need to find a box or wire to convert the audio & video to the digital in on our combo. Alot of people said we need to just buy a new vcr/dvd combo with the antenna spot on the back but they are $199.00 & up. I ran into a fellow today at walmart who said it was possible to hook it up he said it is opposite of the rf modulator. It has the antenna hook up as out and then a spot where you can put the digital audio/video cables (RED, WHITE, YELLOW) into the in on the back of the vcr/dvd combo. The only problem was he didn't know what this reverse rf modulator was called. He said i could find one online but i dont know what to look for. Could someone please tell me how to hook this up? or what to look for to get it hooked up? The only out on my tv is digital audio out. So i could record audio but no video. Thats why I need the antenna to go to the combo. I can play movies with both the dvd& vcr but would love to be able to record my shows.

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