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Recommendation for TV Wall Mount for 40'' Flat Screen?

12 years ago

Just spent a lot of money on a 40" flat screen tv. (Samsung LN40D630). I'm trying to find a good TV Mount to hang it on the wall but research is so confusing! I can't tell the difference between them! Just want it to hold up this expensive item securely and be able to extend out enough to turn 180 degrees around the corner! (yeah, I know)

1. Would you get a mount which the MAX is a 40" tv or one where 40" is right in the middle of the range??

2. Is there any that mounts on ONLY ONE STUD (which is NOT centered on the wall, unfortunately) where the tv could be moved left on the mount so that it will end up centered on the wall?

3. Is there always the flaw of a tv tilting forward even if you want it straight because of the sheer weight of the tv?

4. Any difference between a $200 one and a $28 one??

I value ALL opinions!

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