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Back from CA...thanks for the help!

14 years ago

We just returned home from 10 days in Northern CA and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped me with ideas last summer. (Hard to believe it was that long ago!) Your posts became the backbone of my itinerary and your advice was invaluable.

We sailed in SF Bay, ate at Chez Panisse, toured the Heath Ceramics factory, visited Alcatraz, ogled trees at Muir Woods and Skyline Drive, ate bread in Pescadero, stayed and ate in Carmel, wandered downtown and campuses in Santa Cruz and Berkeley, hiked in Big Sur, had tea in the Japanese Tea Garden, went mural hunting in the Mission, vintage shopping in the Haight, dim summing in Chinatown, toured The Beat Museum and City Lights, and saw a ton of extraordinary exterior color schemes. San Francisco is definitely a paint geek's dream come true!

One of the highlights for me was all the animals we encountered -- seals and whales, gophers and hummingbirds, otters and goats. The landscapes were mind-boggling, especially the way the mountains roll into verdant hillsides and on to the rocky sea coast. We just don't get that kind of convergence here in the East. My daughter fell in love with it all but promises me she does not want to go to college out there. Time will tell... :-)

We had a wave of illness break over our family and sadly had to let go of a few things here and there, but in a way, slowing the trip down some was fine. Overall, I think we got a great feel for what the area offers, my husband got to revisit his Berkeley-in-the-70's days and my daughter walked through the history of the back half of the last century. It is amazing to me how the feeling lingers on in the young people. In that sense, California has an unmistakable look to it and we had great fun taking it all in.

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