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smells like a bathroom on the bedroom floor

20 years ago

well the good news is that we will be in our new house within 6-8 weeks. the bad news is that i rented a very tacky little apartment because it is close to the new house and cheap and, after all, we will only be there 4 to 6 weeks. I went in to look at it again now that it is clean-and it is very clean-however there is a bad oder that smell like pee (they did not have pets-I asked-but did have a toddler) in one section of the bedroom floor. I wondered why they had ripped out the carpet and painted the floor but figured I would just put an area rug down. so __what can I put under the carpet and/ or wash or spray this painted floor with?? My DH and son are going to flip if they smell it. any advice would be helpful. thanks

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