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Arthritis-like symptoms several months after flu shot?

9 years ago

I got my first flu shot in the late 90's and 2 months later got the flu..I know... totally a coincidence, but bear with me. I did not get another shot for 3 years with not so much as a cold in between. I decided to try it again in 2002 ....again, 2 months later the flu. Vowed never to get one again. Between 2003 and 2010 I did get pneumonia twice..not serious enough for hospitalization, just antibiotics. OK, so I go to DR in October and she strongly recommends flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccines since I am over 60. She tells me that it was just a fluke/coincidence that I got flu the 2 times I got the shot and of course all the info says she's right since the inoculation is a dead virus. So, in November I get the flu shot in one arm and the pneumonia in the other.

No problems until mid-January (2 months later!). I wake up with a sore shoulder..thought I just slept on it funny. Over the next several days the pain migrates into both shoulders, arms and across the upper back. I put ice packs on for a few hours one night and the next day it is much better. That night I start with nasal symptoms and the next 5 days I am sick with flu/cold. I get over that but since then(6 weeks now) I have had migrating arthritic-like pain ever since. My shoulders and upper arms always ache and often my hands. In day an elbow will hurt and then it will go away, the next day the backs of my knees hurt, the next day a wrist hurts and so on. I wake up each day wondering what part is going to hurt. I'm living on Aleve and Advil. I have my regular appt in April and was trying to hold off until then, thinking maybe once the warmer weather hits it will disappear. Or maybe it won't subside until May when the vaccine is 6mos old.

Has anyone experienced this? I'm just wondering if the vaccines triggered something and I now will have chronic pain as a result. So frustrating! Thanks for any info or insight.

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