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?'s about streaming internet music to home system

15 years ago

The last classical station in this city just folded and we are having serious weekend withdrawal.

I've looked into Sirius, but $250 for each componant receiver and another $150 subscription per receiver a year seems nuts. (don't really care for Howard Stern and all that.)

I can get lots of free Internet radio that would serve my needs. I understand the reception can be spotty, but can live with that. It is fine in my study where my main desktop drives nice surround Klipsch speakers with subwoofer.

But I want that music in the living room. Too far for ethernet cable so I'm looking at wireless. Have a newer Linksys router at the desktop to serve laptops.

I'm seeing everything from Sony's Sonos at 1k to basic Dlink's for $100. For 1k I could park a laptop at the stereo system permanently! Soundbridge, Squeezebox, EVA, Logitech - yikes! Too many choices, pricing all over the place, and all with critics saying scary things.

I don't care to stream video or pictures. I don't care to stream mp3's (I have a optical lead from my 20G iRiver for that). I just want internet radio in the living room system. Oh, and I am cheap. And DH is a techno neanderthal -so it has to be simple to turn on. (I will tangle with setup.)

Any info/suggestions welcomed and appreciated.

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