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Damaged ceiling from water leak 2 weeks after moving in:(

21 years ago

Moved into our townhome 2 weeks ago, our first home purchase. So were sitting in the living room last night and thinking about repainting. Were staring at the ceiling and notice a patch that looks like it has been re-painted. Not sure why we never noticed this before. We start looking closer at this patch and notice its cracking. Get up on a chair and touch it and its soft. Husband gets up to investigate, touches it some more and a bucket full of water comes pouring down, breaks a hole right thru the drywall :( I was practically crying. So now we have to figure out whats causing this. Seemes to be isolated to this one area. Maybe a bad pipe or joint? We ran showers but it didnt drip more. We think it might be due to the washine machine as its on the second floor. But we pulled out the washer and checked the connections and there was no water anywhere. Maybe when the washer drains its causing it. Anyway, a few questions.

Is this something homeowners insurance covers? and if so do we have to call them first or how does that work.

And we are really mad because we paid close to 500 dollars for a home inspection and he didnt mention this at all.

And if the woman we bought the home from knew about this and never told us isnt that illegal? She signed the inspection questionaire stating there had never been any leaking.

I dont know what to do. Now our living room smells musty, im sure its wet everywhere up there and now were going to have to deal with mold as well. HELP.

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