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Digital TVs and need for cable box?

15 years ago

Right now all our old TVs are analog while our newest in our new theater room is HDTV and using an HD-DVR cable box. I'm in the market for a "spare" TV for another room. Knowing changes are coming up, I'll be buying one that includes a digital tuner. Okay, here's my question.....will I need a cable box after the Feb. 2009 change-over on my new digital TV purchase? Guy at BestBuy told me that as things stand today, I WILL need one to receive anything other than the over-the-air stations. (Bummer--I thought I'd get one of those flat panel ones to mount in the corner--no room for cable box.) I have Mediacom cable and currently do not need a box for any TVs receiving basic stuff below channel 100 (non-digital pkg). I don't see why I'd need a box after the change (except for the old analog TVs) if the new TV can receive digital signals. Please help me understand! Thank you!!


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