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Any experts? Painting metal front door.

21 years ago

I'm completely stumped. This will be the 3rd time we've screwed up and had to strip the paint from the metal front door. I could sure use some expert advice.

The 1st try was with Benjamin Moore semigloss exterior paint over the existing faded paint. We used a small closed cell foam roller. The Benjamin Moore paint clung to itself and formed ripples and ridges. We painted in the garage with door open. We waited 4 hours between coats as the can directed.

We stripped the door to the metal, brushed on 2 coats of Behr latex primer and then brushed on 2 coats of Benjamin Moore paint again. Same thing, ripples and ridges. That timewe'd painted inside the house with airconditioning to reduce humidity. We set up a fan in the room (not directly on the door). We waited 4 hours between coats.

This last time, we stripped the door to the metal again. We set up in the garage and sprayed on Sherwin Williams rust preventitive primer and let it dry overnight. We moved the door to the dining room and brushed on 3 coats of Sherwin Willaims latex exterior paint. We waited 5 1/2 to 6 hours between coats. Again, we had a fan in the room that didn't blow directly on the doors. 4 hours after the last coat, the door was dry to the touch. It looked beautiful. We hung it and went to bed.

When I checked it this morning, it had blisters everywhere.

I live in the Atlanta metro area and it was humid and 75 degrees last night. It blistered before the sun came up.

Obviously, we're really not doing this right. What should we be doing to get a smooth, nicely painted front door?

Because the forums move so slow these days, I'm going to post this in a couple of likely places.

Thanks so much for your assistance!


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