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Neighbors moved & left a H-U-G-E trash pile!

14 years ago

Neighbors about 5 houses down moved last week and left Mount Trashmore in the front yard. It is HUGE - looks like 3/4 of the contents of the house dumped into a huge pile in the front yard. It goes from the curb to 1/2 way across the yard.

I haven't seen a For Sale sign and there is still not one, so I am afraid they might have been forclosed & set out of their house. That just breaks my heart because they have 2 kids just out of high school who still lived at home - maybe 18 and 19.

It has rained 3 or 4 times since the trash mount appeared and it's getting to be a real soggy mess.

Some people did "trash pick" the first day - I saw people stopping.

My question is - if the bank forcloses on your house, does someone actually come in and throw all your stuff outside at the curb? I have heard of people being "set out" of their house during the Great Depression, but does it still happen? I hope these people actually moved and just left the pile, and that my worst fears are unfounded. I haven't talked to their next door neighbors to find out.

I am going to call the city trash department Monday morning to see if they can do anything about the trash pile. This is a very nice neighborhood so it's a real eyesore.

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