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calling all techies - intercom, security, monitor, music system

11 years ago

We're in the process of building a house (one story, 5700 sq ft). We are just now figuring out all the wiring in the house. We have 3 young girls who will each have their own rooms. We'd like to put some sort of monitoring system, thus being able to "graduate" up from our baby monitor. The idea is to be able to hear each of them, should they need us while we are watching TV on the opposite side of the house or after we retire each night to our room. We don't necessarily need a system where they push a button to talk to us. We also will be needing a security system. And the "nice to have" feature would be music and phone hookups, but not necessarily in their rooms, but the "living areas and outside", etc.

So, is there a system that exists that has this feature? Or all these features? Or are each of these things separate? I know the security system, say from ADT, can be done after move-in, but what is the advantage of doing it before the house is built? And can it be somehow tied with the intercom into one complete system. I don't even know where to start or if I'm even describing this in a logical way. Please help me understand!!!

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