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Putting letters together to make words

14 years ago

Still trying to figure out things and this time it's making words. I have gotten monograms down to a science with my 4X4 pes format on PE-150. When I use font designs that I have purchased, I can just make my center letter and then do my other two letters one at a time on either side without having to change my positioning of my item to embroider. But what I cannot figure out is how to write words. I understand how to do it with the pre-programed fonts in my machine, and I have tried reading about it online, but somehow I'm missing something...either in my brain, my machine, or my purchased design!! When I load the fonts into my machine from my Ultimate box card, they can only be used one at a time in my machine. In other words, I can't program the entire word to sew out, even if it is in the 4x4 area size. Each letter has to be reset and a postion chosen and when I line them up by last ending stitch of last letter, there is overlapping. Anyone have suggestions or know what I may be doing wrong. Would love to think of embroidering poetry someday, but for now I would be happy with just a name! Thanks in advance.

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